Rays that Heal

(“Лековити лъчи”)

The times are challenging, but joy and serenity need not be luxuries.

Raise your heels and let the rays heal you.


The new album by Alexander Kyd is now available.
Тhe music explores immemorial mysteries, champions the organic before the mechanic, and unashamedly embraces nostalgia.
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51 Pegasi

(“Коне и Космос”)

A musical work in two parts.
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Relased 07 July 2018

Produced by David Llewellyn
Trumpet by Brant Tilds
Artwork by Sevda Semer


Five minutes of liquid smoke.

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Released 09 March 2018

Produced by David Llewellyn
Artwork by Sevda Semer

These Waters Remember

(“Запомнили води”)

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Produced by David Llewellyn
Vocals by Deborah Eckman
Artwork by Sevda Semer

Live at Forum Station is a live recording of me playing at Forum Station (duh) in Copenhagen.

It’s my way of paying homage to a beautiful place.

I spent countless hours busking there, I honed my skills, and met some great people.
Forum is more than a metro station to me.
I feel like I know it better than anyone.

Engineered by Ricko Vesterlund
Artwork by Martina Skrobanska (

Special thanks to Ingegerd Andersen at the Metro Kundeservice for her enthusiasm and support.
Dedicated to Martina.

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Western Plans is my debut album. As you might expect, it’s charmingly amateurish. It’s a collection of early works for solo acoustic guitar. Some of the pieces have since been re-composed and re-recorded as part of other releases. For example, Rays that Heal is a radical remake of a much older piece called Rice which can be found on Western Plans.

Produced by Ricko Vesterlund.
Artwork by Martina Skrobanska.
Recorded in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2011.

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