Doni & Momchil

Doni & Momchil were a Bulgarian pop duo active throughout the 90s. Doni is a remarkably gifted vocalist, while Momchil is a brilliant, prolific composer and producer. Even their silliest pop tunes are very well-crafted. Here I’m reimagining one of their tracks as a dreamy guitar loop. I am naming this style Post-Nylon music. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!


Julia by Emil Dimitrov – an iconic pop tune from the 70s – reimagined as a slow, dreamy loop. I like doing this to old tunes. Next on my list are some more Bulgarian pop standards (tracks by Tangra, Doni&Momchil, Atlas, etc.), a handful of songs by Ostava (my favourite Bulgarian band), and – why the hell not! – a few chalga anthems.

Time flies

I’ve just realised I haven’t posted anything in my blog for over a year. Tempus fugit. It’s been a year of busking, reading the likes of D.H. Lawrence, Roger Scruton, Geoff Dyer and Theodore Dalrymple, recording and releasing CASSIS, more busking, giving guitar tutoring a go and enjoying it, and now working on new pieces. London whets the desire to create. When somebody buys a CASSIS CD on Bandcamp, I write them a letter in which I try to explain what the music is about – an utterly futile endeavour. Music succeeds where words fail.