Alexander Kyd

I am a composer and guitarist originally from Sofia, Bulgaria.

My desire to confront the unknown has taken me to

  • Denmark (2011 – 2014)
  • China (2014 – 2016)
  • London (2017 – )

I use the stage name Alexander Kyd to pay homage to the great English playwright Thomas Kyd and, by extension, to all the great masters of literature written in English.

These Waters Remember is a twelve-minute work which features female vocals (a first for me). Obsidian features layers upon layers of looped electric guitar phrases drenched in reverb. 51 Pegasi is my attempt to create something noble and romantic, but at the same time dark and deep. These pieces, along with three more, comprise the album Cassis.

I am currently always working on a new piece of music.

WESTERN PLANS (22 Nov 2011) is a collection of early works for solo acoustic guitar.
LIVE AT FORUM STATION (16 Mar 2014) is a live album recorded at a Copenhagen metro station.

Throughout the years, people have called my music:
· “A selfless confession”
· “A quest that both harms and heals”
· “Stratospheric, magnetic, self-consciously meaningful”.
· “Bitter waters for the soul to sail on.”
· “Deep, passionate, penetrating.”
· “Dreamy and powerful.”
· “A journey.”
· “Melancholic and compassionate.”

This website is where I post new music and write about art and life. You could also take a look at my past and future live performances, or see some pictures of me.

I am also on:

I was a busker in Copenhagen for three years. My usual pitch was Forum Station, followed closely by Christianshavn Station. I loved playing at these places because of their unique ambiance and minimalist design. Somehow I think my music goes well with such environments. I recorded a live album at Forum Station which was released on 16 Mar 2014. I am greatly indebted to Ingegerd Andersen at the Metro Kundeservice for allowing me to play and record there. Tusind tak:)

Since moving to London, I have been actively involved in the Busk in London scheme organised and run by Found in Music and supported by the Mayor of London. I also teach music in the prison Wormwood Scrubs and I work with the one-of-a-kind record label InHouse Records, contributing to their monthly magazine AUX and supporting their aspiring artists.

You can contact me via email: alexanderkyd@hotmail.com